Deler av stempelpumper som brukes i maskiner Komatsu.

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Kobelco Excavator Kawasaki K3V.

Komatsu KMF90,160

Komatsu PC45R-8


Komatsu PC200-2.

Komatsu PC200-7.

Komatsu HPV35,55,90,160.

Komatsu PC60-6.

Komatsu HPV95,132,95+95.

Komatsu PC40-8.


Komatsu HPV35 HPV55HPV90
HPV160HPV75 HPV95 HPV132
HPV140 HPV165

Komatsu PC120-6.

Komatsu PC200-6.

Komatsu PC360-7.

Komatsu PC60-7.

KYB PSVD2-16,21,26,27E.

KYB Sereis PSVD2-55,63T

KYB Series PSVD2-21C.

KVC Seria.

Komatsu KMF40/90/160,KPV90/105

Komatsu KMF41

Komatsu KMF125


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